Kikoy Towelling Surf n'Sea Robe

Kikoy Towelling Surf n'Sea Robe

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Get colourful outdoors with our Kikoy Towelling Surf n'Sea Robe.  Designed like a big, cosy, all - in - one poncho, it enables you to change anywhere and eradicates any towelling mishaps!  Our Kikoy Towelling Surf n'Sea Robe protects you from the elements, keeping you warm and dry.  Lined with soft cotton towelling, its ideal for year round outdoor changing.  It's a wild swimming must-have, and a staple bit of beachwear  and post-surf kit!  Available in either plain kikoy colours, or vibrant stripes - the choice is yours.  Created for those who like 'off the beaten track' and a little bit of 'wild'.  Practical and easy to wear.  One size fits all. For Adults.   Hurry to order yours - they don't hang around long! 

Not all colours of robes/ponchos are shown on models -  but you get the gist! 

  • 100% cotton

  • Short length sleeve designed for easy changing, and prevents draughts and unwanted exposure!

  • Unique kikoy design trimmed with colourful fringed tassels.

  • High quality detailing with pocket on the front and hood for extra warmth.

  • Lined with absorbent, super-soft towelling on the inside for quick drying.

  • Machine washable and colourfast.

  • One size fits all. Our Kikoy Towelling Surf-n 'Sea- dry robe/ponchos  are designed to be large enough and loose enough  to give you plenty of room to pull your arms inside and get changed.

  • Not all colours are shown on models.



"I just received my Kikoy Towelling Surf n'Sea Robe, and I am ecstatic!   It's just beautiful as well as being stylish and a purchase with a purpose - everything I love - working as I do for a charity in Africa, so this is all very close to my heart.  Thank you for brightening up my week and my daily swim."  Bev M, May 21

"I would recommend it to anyone who loves an outdoor activity. It’s so practical for the beach, and looks stylish too! It's taken my wild swimming to a new level of comfort" - Lucy D, London, March 21