Our Tailors


In order to raise necessary funds to build classrooms and school infrastructure, Team Bushbells came up with the idea of developing our range of ‘beautiful beachwear basics',  made from the bright and colourful kikoy  fabrics that bring so much zing and vitality to the  'sunny-side' of life!

Bushbells was the name of the original school we built, and we kept the name to ‘trade’ within the UK.   All the kikoy, kanga and cotton fabrics we use to make our Bushbells beachwear range are locally sourced on the Kenyan coast. Our production line is very small. We employ only four tailors, headed up by wonderful ever-smiling Sammy. He, together with Lilian, Ruth and Rahema, all work tirelessly to make  our Bushbells products with real love and care.  They are the real heros of our story – and are truly magnificent in their dedication and pride that they take over their work. 

The work we give our tailors provides them with essential security and stability in a community that is poor, and where unemployment is high. Their families also directly benefit too.   In particular we are able to help educate Sammy's children.   He sadly lost his wife 7 years ago from cancer, so the need for regular work is even more pertinent.

With your help we’re able to pay for two of Sammy’s children at secondary school (Katana and Mahenzo – and they’re doing so well) and we also support Jukka S. at Pawani University – and he’s the son of the headmaster at Bluebells school. 

Buying 'Bushbells beach wear...'

Being such a small operation means that our products are not mass produced. It also means that we can offer you a far greater choice of colours and patterns in kikoy fabrics, as we are able to continually change our stocks.  It’s also nice for you to know that you are getting something that’s really unique - and almost bespoke!    

So whilst we apologise that you can’t buy directly on line with one ‘hit’ (we have a bit of an email dialogue over colours and patterns you like,  and we’ll send you some photos of what colours we have in stock in your size etc) – we hope that you will think the wait is worth it. So make an enquiry to get the ball rolling!

With the profits we make with your support, we’re really able to make a difference to the education of some!  Read 'The Story' for more details!