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Here is what some of our happy customers have said about Bushbells

"Tennis, swimming, bed, beach, walking, running, cycling, cooking, eating –  LOVE THEM, love ‘em all!!"
The entire W'ome family (x7!!), Sussex
“OH SO COMFY, in so many fun colours - that don’t fade and they are GREAT for presents!!!”  
Sarah G, Wiltshire.
"I really enjoy the fact that buying these incredibly comfortable, colourful and individual PJ's for myself and my daughters has also helped towards the funding of a school in Kenya! GO BUSHBELLS!"
Kitty W, Hampshire
"Bushbells pull-ons are the most comfortable PJs - the more you wear them, the more comfy they become."
Celina C, Hampshire
"My son loves his kikoy PJs and is already on his second pair. They are SO comfortable and practical
and make GREAT presents!"
TP, Singapore
"I have now bought several items from Bushbells, mostly as presents. All recipients have LOVED their gifts – be it towels, kikoys, keyrings or shorts. And when I tell them that it helps to run a school in rural Kenya, everyone is even happier still. The quality is excellent. Highly recommended."
Robert L, Holland
"I love my Bushbells PJs  because they are simply the best Pj's I have ever owned! The fact that I can support a  little school takes them to another level"
Marcus B, Surrey 
“A key ring with a KIK!! IT is rather like I carry a piece of home around with me...a little bit of Kenya, a rather lot of style and a mountain of memories. And I never lose my keys! It isn't an accessory, it's a statement!"
Wendy DLF, Zimbabwe