All's WELL and transparency is all!

I always consider the beginning of May as (almost) the start of summer proper! And it's timely that Fashion Revolution falls at the end of April, marking the date of the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh six years ago. This tragedy put a spotlight on the horrific working conditions that some have to endure, working in the garment and fashion industry.

Six years on, the campaigning organisation Fashion Revolution continues to work on ending exploitation in the fashion industry, pushing for greater transparency throughout the whole supply chain. Us consumers are encouraged to stop and think and ask #whomademyclothes?


New 'Concha' belts made by our trusted Enoch!
Ruth cutting out the 'Peri Blue' fabric for our stunning 2019 kaftan collection.


Team Bushbells were one of 5 finalists in the fashion category at 'Be the Change Awards' at the end of April. We didn't win, but were thrilled to have been nominated and on that shortlist. We're proud of our small team of only 4 tailors and Enoch our leather and bead worker, and can legitimately say 'we know who made your clothes/belts/dog collars/key rings!' We sell a pair of pull-ons, a shirt or a belt and we put in an order for another. It's that simple. It's that direct. No waste, and a direct impact on the small team we employ - ensuring ongoing employment for them all. And as you know our profits then build classrooms, and provide bursaries and a breakfast club at Bluebells School. It's how we choose to spend the profits we make from your purchase.

All our models are friends and family! Cameron was one gorgeous such model, here wearing a 'Tawi Daisy Blue'shirt


Our tailors are currently off on their annual 6 week leave, and the school has just started it's new term after the Easter Break. During the school holidays, the new water well was completed and is now fully operational, complete with a solar pump to extract that liquid gold! This will greatly enhance the vegetables that the school grows and then sells, to produce even greater revenue for the school.


The new well completed with the tank for the water
solar pump to bring the liquid gold up from the source of the well!

Our shelves here at Bushbells HQ are full of all sorts of gorgeous pull-ons, tops and shirts ready for the summer months. Looks that can go anywhere, and add colour and sunshine to your lives! Have a look at where we are this summer, and come and say 'Jambo!' Thanks for your continued support and let me know if you find my sunglasses? Every summer has its own story and wishing you a happy one...


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