Exciting News! Rahema had her baby back in mid July  – a beautiful little boy called Joel! He was safely delivered into this world,  and both mother and baby are doing well….. We say huge CONGRATULATIONS!   


And infact mother doing SO well, that 6 weeks on Rahema was keen to come back to work!  Rahema lives so very close to where our tailors work,  that it is easy for her pop into work, and if needed back at home in a hurry,  she can return within 10 easy minutes. So, this week  the team welcomed her back, and she has started off working just a few hours each day!   A kind friend  took some gifts from us in the UK,  out to the tailors… and here they are receiving them all – a timely arrival with Rahema’s return to work!  Welcome back Rahema and congrats again on baby Joel!  


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