Back to school

Two weeks ago, it was suddenly all systems go in Watamu, as the government decided that years up to and including Year 4, could return to school in the private secton.  The older children hope to return this week.

New hand-washing ‘stations’ have been placed strategically around the classroom block (ingenious - a simple bucket with tap) and the new dining/eating area built in July is a welcome additional space with plenty of light and ventilation. This newest build has been funded entirely from masks that you have bought from us during lockdown – so again, thank you for this support. Our masks are also made from off-cuts, reducing unwanted wasted fabrics to landfill.

Lots of readjustment I am sure for both pupils and teachers alike - as they have been absent since March.  We'll let you have more updates as and when we get them.  We're happy to have them back - YAY ! 


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