Computers – their future!


I’ve talked about the ripple effect……   I know someone who knows someone else who said they could fix this, and someone else DID!

Looong  story short.  One of my oldest friends, Susie (we were at the Banda School together) introduced her friend to our school.  Ali happens to be the Head Teacher of The Banda, and she very generously organised for a massive donation of books for Bluebells School.  In addition, Susie went along to talk the Banda pupils about the provenance of this little school.  It’s all so interlinked – from us having been pupils at the Banda, to my mother having taught tennis there for over 10 years.  Our tailors work from Susie’s house and without all this, we would never have been able to create the funding to build the two schools.

Are you keeping up….!?

And if this wasn’t enough – Ali and the Banda School have  also donated  TEN – yes TEN computers to the school, and over the Jubilee weekend (their half term) -  these 10 computers were  installed into the school.  Richard (Banda’s amazing IT man) fixed it all up for us, and the solar power that was funded by Sherborne School back in February is enough to power them all. 

I find this progress  quite INCREDIBLE, when you think that 7 years ago there was literally scrub and bush on this site, and now it is going to become the computer hub for this area and benefit not only the children, but wider community at large.

As Susie said to me only this week, despite the sadness and broken dreams and suffering of so many in the world at the moment, hang onto the good and keep hoping, as there is still so many acts of kindness in this world.  Thank you Susie, Ali, Richard and all the gorgeous Banda children.  As their motto says,  ‘Aduus ad stellas’ which broadly translated means – Give children wings, and we’ll teach them how to fly’.  The children at Bluebells school will now surely take flight thanks to the kindness of so many.  JOY and JUBILATIONS for our Queen (in June)  far away Watamu side – YAY !



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