East heads West in First Test!

Bushbells were thrilled to be selected by the OACC cricket club as one of their official sponsors.  The request: Bushbells beach shorts in the OA colours of navy and red!  Sammy and our team of tailors were intrigued and oh so proud to learn that their products would be heading out to Grenada on a cricket tour that starts on 13th May.
Ollie G, the organiser,  approached Bushbells because he owns several pairs, and claims that they are the most comfortable piece of clothing in his wardrobe, and knew that the team would love to relax after a hard day’s match in the field, in their very own Bushbells Beach shorts!  Made with simple drawstring and two pockets, and in the lovely loose weave kikoy cotton, they’re a breeze for Caribbean cricket! Howzat!!!

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