I've never met a man called ENOCH before I met 'our Enoch'. It's a strong sounding name and I've looked up the meaning -  dedicated, trained and disciplined - and that is what he was to us.


My brother Tony, first introduced over 25 years ago, and since then he's made many a belt, collar and beaded sandal for so many of our friends over the years as well as crafting all our beautiful glasses' chains and key rings.  Enoch was OUR beadworker.


So you can imagine the huge shock when we heard today that darling Enoch has died.  We're still trying to understand what has happened - but he had breathing difficulties this morning - and this is a man who was SO supremely fit. Every day I used to see him on the beach running and working out - and sometimes with his children too.


Our thoughts are of course with Mahenzo and Tony  - his daughter and son, and his extended family. I am giving 100% profits of any beaded items sold back to his family - so do see if you can be tempted by a collar, keyring or chain or two - to help support in this way. Life is so fragile.


Rest in peace, dear friend Enoch. 


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  • I am so sorry to hear that you have suffered another sad and shocking loss to your Bushbells family. I hope that you will at least be able to understand what happened to him soon, to help everyone concerned to cope with this horrible tragedy and receive some closure. I’m so sorry.

    Caroline MacDonald

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