Ex Oriente Salis

Brush up your latin!  As you well know, Ex Oriente Salis means ‘safety’ or ‘health from the east’.  And academic quality, health and breadth of character have always been at the heart of what Eastbourne College provides. This certainly remains true today as it has always been.

I was lucky enough to attend the college for my A levels, and was following in the footsteps of great uncles who also attended the college in the 1920s.  Whilst my home was in Kenya, I was so well looked after and immersed in such a full and exciting curriculum that I never really missed home!

The connections and friendships I made there continue to be a very important part of my life and I recently attended the Diamond Anniversary celebrations of my English teacher PJBleB!  He was without doubt one of the biggest mentors in my life – so positive and upbeat and  the timeless values we were taught then, still stand true today.

Some 42 years on, one of PJBleB’s granddaughters Tess is current headgirl.  Having heard about Bluebells from her mother Emma (who visited Bluebells  school with my parent in Watamu,  3 years ago), I have been very  honoured to have been made one of the school’s chapel charities this year. 

We had a fabulous 2 day sale in March, and moneys raised have gone towards the new office build for Mwana (under construction but almost complete) and Eastbourne’s support will augment equipment for the fledgling drama club.

A huge thanks all around.  As the Rev’d James Wood (headmaster of  Eastbourne College)  said in 1867,

“In Eastbourne, out of Eastbourne, alike, let your character be known for good.  Be brave, be generous, be pure, be true.

All this and more has certainly been endorsed by its current alumni – and to Tess, Emma and all their friends and colleagues alike, I say another grateful THANK YOU!  

Eastbourne Sale

From L-R: Sally, PJBleB and I; Emma, myself and Tess; Emma, Mwana, Mama Anna at the school

Mwana's new office taking shape - thanks to funding from Eastbourne College

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  • Absolutely thrilled to see that you are One of Eastbourne’s Charities this year. Both my son’s attended the College which gave them a super start to life. It’s great that Eastbourne’s ethos has such long reaching effects. All the very best for this year.
    Ros Hodges

    Ros Hodges

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