Happy 2019!

Team Bushbells wishes you all a very happy and healthy 2019!  It's  a perfect opportunity for us to say a very big ASANTE SANA and THANK YOU to you all, for your kind support, and for all that you have helped us achieve this last year.

You have enabled us to continue the sponsorship of 10 orphans at the school. Katana (the first student we ever sponsored 10 years ago) started at an international university in Nairobi. The Breakfast Club continues to flourish, and made easier by the building of a solid new kitchen last year - no more open air fires!



Bluebells (our second school) started growing roots only 4 years ago, and it's easy to forget those dusty days with that first chip board classroom! Last year saw the completion of the 'Flynch Block' with 3 fabulous new classrooms and over these last Christmas holidays, a further classroom and proper 'lock up library have also been under construction. Completion due in 2 weeks, so do follow our instagram/FB stories for more updates there!



We had 5 AMAZING volunteers at the school last year: Gary, together with the incredible 52 kilos of sports equipment he brought out with him thanks to the Rob Stephenson trust. We also had volunteers Will, Ole and Sophie; and Angela who was our 'artist in residence' for a month. Their collective skill, time, knowledge, energy and fun that they gave and shared with the Bluebells children and staff was inspirational. In addition, the Timms' and Summer's family both returned to help and support. We are indebted to you all. Thank you.



Thanks to Sam, our teachers enjoyed a valuable staff training day at Kivoukoni school in Kilifi, and Bluebells continues to work with and learn from the Watamu Marine Association, with learning days out at their eco-waste centre at Debaso as well as helping with the annual beach clean up and vital jigger prevention. The tomatoes and passion fruit continue to blossom under safe tutelage from Kylie and Juri and the children all help with harvesting and composting. Sales of these fruits and vegetables help provide more funds for the school to develop, as well as teaching valuable farming skills.



We don't always get it right, but we do our best. I have the best job in the world, working with people I love and surrounded by beautiful colours and locations of work. The founding principles on which Bushbells was built remain. We give you a chance to buy something colourful, comfortable and unique because you know it's only one of 5 people who made it, and you also know that your purchase helps us to continue to support our tailors, Enoch our bead worker, and all the staff and children at Bluebells School. It's that simple and that direct.

Bushbells really is a purchase with a purpose!



Finally, thank you to all of those who give in so many different ways: from donations of books and stationery, to donations that help buy more books, water tanks, and on going building works - you know who you are! And a very special THANK YOU to Vicki, my mother Ann, Charlie, Matt and Katie (Team Bushbells, UK side!); as well as countless individuals who help in other ways: Jeni, Caroline, Emma, Tori, Sam, Josh, Tim, Aggi, Tony, Marcela, Lucy and so many others. We couldn't do it without any of YOU! xxxxx !!!!! 

Wishing you a colourful, joyous, healthy 2019.


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