July Volunteers

We’ve had three fantastic volunteers this July – Briony, Oscar and Harry and it just so happened they were all there together at the same time.  They’ve been busy – from teaching lessons (exams permitting) and having fun creating art,  to buying paint for some DIY, and last weekend they organised a school trip to Local Ocean  - which is a another wonderful community project.

 It’s always a favourite destination of our, as they children learn so much about the benefits of protecting their local marine environments as well as their inhabitants and of course Turtles!  It’s a wholly interactive experience and teaching the children at grass roots level can only have a positive impact on the future of the marine environment. 

During their tour, they learnt about the protection of mangrove and coral reefs, as well as the endangered turtles. Through the examples in the beautiful gardens, they also learnt about the hazards of marine debris and pollution and raising awareness on anti-poaching. 

The volunteers then organised for the older children to head to the beach. Briony was horrified at the amount of marine debris washed up at the beach at this time of year but the children still love the opportunity of the big beach space.

If you’re resourceful, can think on your feet, enjoy community work and want to help children, consider volunteering with us for a fully immersive experience. 

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