Keys for Seeds, and our Climate Club

40 trees have been planted this last month of March

Society is unfurling, nature is uncurling and the lighter evenings ahead bring the promise of much longed for reunions – pole, pole (slowly slowly, in Swahili!)

Our community is our story, but we believe that we can give back to both people and the planet. We want to to introduce you to our new environmental initiative, our ‘Climate Club’. We are partnering with Greenworld Campaign, a reforestation initiative that is based along the Kenyan coast. Their holistic approach entails partnering with local communities starting in schools and drawing in parents and other key local stakeholders. 

With your support and Greenworld’s guidance we’ll be establishing a ‘food nursery’ and a small tree planting programme at the heart of Bluebells School, to expand and improve our already established shamba (vegetable garden). The new 'Climate Club' will take ownership of this project and help nurture the seedlings into a fully functioning and productive vegetable garden. Children and their families will receive seedlings to take home, as well as training on how to plant, maintain and harvest these seedlings at regular workshops. This last month, 40 tree seedlings were planted, new gardening resources bought, and trays of seedlings started, but we need more: one for each child (that's 150 trays!)

For every key-ring you purchase - just write KEYS4SEEDS' in the notes at checkout - and we'll ensure that a child receives an established tray of seedlings to take home, nurture and grow.

Together we can do this, one little leaf at a time! 

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