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Finally, a Grade 6 classroom is taking shape and is being build in record time, and should almost be finished by the end of term on the 23rd December.   We're so very grateful to FK and HM and her team.  Both of  them have been so generous with their support (you both know who you are).  and this has helped enormously with the spreading the  cost of  the build.  We've had to add into the sums - cement, labour and roofing charges.  And look  - voila -  we have a much longed for Grade 6 classroom.    


As has happened everywhere, Covid has put the cost of all building materials up, and so generous donations do make all the difference and helps the money we have to spend at the school go that much further. 


On the building stakes, we're also looking to complete the roofing and drainage on the first block  of 3x classrooms (which were extended and re-configured earlier in the year) and this work will hopefuly commence in the New Year, when we're expecting two wonderful volunteers at the school, who will  oversee this work to completion.  We'll keep you updated for sure! 


We're getting there - brick by brick, as as the saying goes 'Rome wasn't built in a day'.  But this little school called Bluebells (the second school we've built from scratch) is taking shape.  A recent visitor at the school told me she'd been talking to one of the children who told her:  "I just love love LOVE my school".  We can't do better than this!  It continues to remain a happy and safe space for the 150 children there, despite the turbulent times we are living in.  Happy days! 


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