Love it Bright, Love it Bold – Exploring designs by childrenswear designer Hattie Lines

"Colour gives confidence!" - Hattie Lines

Bushbells celebrates all things bright, bold and beautiful and this month we are exploring the work of Hattie Lines, a budding childrenswear designer and member of the Bushbells team. Hattie's designs epitomise what Bushbells loves being full of vibrant colour and unique prints.

Hattie's collection, which has been showcased at both South Coast Fashion week and London's Graduate Fashion Week, draws specific inspiration from the spectrum of colours found in African patterns and fabrics. Furthermore the headdresses worn on stage by the children were intended by Hattie to give a tribal feel to the collection.

Hattie describes to us how her visit to Kenya and encounter with the vibrancy of the Kenyan dress and jewellery inspired her to explore the use of dyes, brightly coloured suede, multi-coloured knits and digital printing throughout the collection. The liveliness of colour this created caught the eye of the press resulting in her collection appearing in a range of leading newspapers following the London Graduate Fashion Week showcase. Take a look at the collection below!


Contact Hattie: email: Mobile: 07769220575

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