New Loo Block


More bricks and  cement going up and what could this possibly be? Well, it might not look  like a big deal to you - but during these Easter Holiday (the school broke up on 5th April for 3 weeks) - these two NEW LOOS have been built - with lightening speed.

These two new loos are going to be for the girls -and importantly - they have a secluded private place at the side for washing (not shown in these photos as difficult to photograph). This is so important - as many of us in the West don't understand 'Period Poverty'. 

Period Poverty can be defined as the lack of access to safe and hygienic menstrual products during their monthly period, and also an inaccessibility to basic sanitation facilities for washing.  It can result in girls staying away from school for a week in every month which is hugely disruptive to their education and just builds on any stigma associated with periods.

At Bluebells school (and in the past working with organisations such as the Mabel Foundation), the children receive education on the menstrual cycle so it doesn't become taboo, and these washing facilities will help a great deal in overcoming any such difficulties. 

We are indebted to Chip, one of our March volunteers, and her friend Isabelle too,  for their most generous donations - to make this all happen. Team work is a wonderful thing!  Thank you BOTH.

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