Plantation Library Grows!

Thanks to more recent donations (Victoria S from Cirencester), Lisa C (Evershot) and Petra G (Turkey), we’ve been able to buy more books for this little library, set up January 2015.

The thinking behind it was to give our wonderful tailors, and their close friends and family a greater breadth of books to help them in their learning and studying. Sammy (our head tailor) told us that his daughters often come in to borrow books, to use along side their school curriculum books. And our head librarian (pictured right) told me that it wasn’t only their children learning, but themselves as well. He’s particularly interested in the environment, and the solar system!

We’re so grateful to you all who donate to this library fund – which in turn enables us to purchase books locally. This saves the problem of getting books from here to there (heavy and costly!), and it ensures that we can buy books that are culturally appropriate. Not sure Peter Rabbit would quite catch the selectors eye!! Francesca T (Team Bushbells – Nairobi side!) has a great eye and is our chief purchasing officer!

She says “this has been such a fun project to be part of as I know exactly where these books are going and I also know how thrilled the children will be, who’ll be able to access this broad range of literature. From humble beginnings like this great acorns grow. Well done Bushbells!”.

We would like to thank Francesca, for her wonderful, enthusiastic support and endless help!

If you’d like donate to the library yourself, or learn more – contact us at


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