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Hot off the press! .... Some very exciting news!

Team Bushbells are thrilled to announce CONFIRMED funding for ‘Project Tomato’!  This has largely come about from our very hard working volunteer, Josh, who has been working at Bluebells school for the last 6 weeks – at the kind introduction of Outreach International.

Josh  says ‘I love this school, and was so keen to try and find a way of helping it become more financially secure.’ Mwana H who runs Bluebells School is a very accomplished ‘farmer’ and already grows tomatoes and water melons that she sells to generate income for the school. 

Project Tomato is an extension of her work,  and she together with Josh and Lynn (another volunteer), all put their heads together and drew up a business plan, which they presented to Outreach International and ourselves.  On paper it all looks very possible, and now with secure funding, she can go ahead and get the necessary irrigation and equipment for her to cultivate one hectare of tomatoes.  This includes  drip irrigation (made possible by the water stand pipe that we put in, back in February this year).   Starting NOW, whilst the school is on holidays, Josh and others (pictured) have been busy clearing the land, so that come September the new tomato seeds can be sewn. 

The idea is that tomatoes will be grown all year round. The income from the tomato sales will go straight back into the school to help pay for teachers/teaching materials/lunches/transport for children living far away and so much more. As well as providing regular and assured income, it will also provides opportunities for the children to learn about agriculture -  a vital skill for people living in rural Kenya.

Now for the hard manual work to begin - to clear the land, with the aim of the seedlings to be planted at the beginning of September, and harvested in in the new year.  

Big big 'THANK YOU' to @outreachinternational for the funding, as this would not have been possible without them!   And thank you again to JOSH – as without him, none of this would have happened!!



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  • This is fantastic. Well done to all and to our son Josh. We are, as always, very very proud. Pen and Ant (mum and dad)

    penny thomson

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