Rob Stephenson Trust to the rescue again!


For those of you that avidly read every blog/news feed that I write about the work of Bushbells, and our sister school Bluebells – you’ll know that the Rob Stephenson Trust are the very kind team behind all the fabulous sports equipment that we have at the school. In February this year, Gary Parker gave up his half term holiday to work at the school and he brought out  with him 52 kilos of sports equipment (that is a heavy load!) This included bats and balls, whistles, more balls and sports bibs and two incredible goal posts. It’s all used each and every day and the children just LOVE their sport – especially football.

Wear and tear takes its toll and the bibs were becoming very faded and well used…. Nicki Stephenson at the RST very kindly donated more bibs and these were taken out by Josh T in September.  Josh is another wonderful volunteer we had at the school last year – and he loved it so much he went back for his second stint to work in September. Photos show ecstatic children proudly wearing their new bibs.

Once again we say an enormous ‘ASANTE SANA’ to Nicki Stephenson and her team and our children are  certainly learning to ‘laugh, live, learn and play’ thanks to the Rob Stephenson Trust.



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