School is OUT!



Yes! It's official! Bluebells school broke up at the end of last week, and the day was marked with much dancing, singing, cake eating and JOY!  It's a sombre occasion for all the  young children who graduate from the 'pre primary' stage to proper primary class and gowns and motor boards are worn to mark this heady transition of growth and learning!


The staff all worked so hard and looked equally smart in their maroon shirts (they also love a collective 'uniform') and it was a chance for the older children to show case their dramatic talents and dancing skills.  It's difficult to capture here the energy that emanates from this special little place - so if you don't have Instagram - I strongly urge you to find someone who does and just look at the post from 27 October to see what I am trying to describe - it will melt your heart!


There are now 3 weeks of revision before they all break for a good 4-5 weeks off during December and Christmas and then school returns with gusto in the New Year,  renewed, rested and ready to welcome new volunteers.  


Happy hols to one and all. 


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