School's OUT!

End of term for all sorts of folk around the world, including members of Bushbells team - Kenyan side!

Katana (Sammy’s son) is now on holiday for a month – pictured here with his proud father at his end of term day up in Taita.    It’s going to be a  hardworking holiday for Katana, who sits his final secondary school exams next term. All important as they will determine where next in terms of university for him!  It only seems yesterday that Katana passed out as the TOP teenage boy  in the whole of the Watamu district – no mean feat out of 10,000 students!  We’re so proud of him and wish him continued success for his forthcoming exams. It’s been a delight to be able to sponsor him throughout his education.

Bluebells school also had a good end of term.  (For those of you that assiduously follow us, you'll remember the first school we built was called Bushbells - and this second one which we are half way through building, is a 'sister' school, called Bluebells!  But still under Bushbells' UK banner!)  

Staff and students have been so lucky to have had Josh from Outreach International helping them this term.  The younger children are still the biggest cohort, but as our team of staff become more qualified, the reputation of this new little school grows, which in turn will attract the  older pupils too.  Josh says, ‘I have fallen in love with this school, it’s kind ethos to help others less fortunate get an education, as well as the dedication of the staff and determination and discipline of the pupils too.  It’s been a wonderful life-enriching experience.’  Happy holidays to all, though Josh is staying on during the holidays to help improvements to the school site.  Thanks Josh for all your hard, dedicated work - you've made a real difference.

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