Team Bushbells Supports Turtle Watch

Team Bushbells supports education in Watamu, Kenya. One such organisation is Turtle Watch, and so we were delighted when Sophie T, (part of our team) volunteered there earlier this year. Sophie, together with her brother Olly, and sister Juliet, have been such a support to ‘Team Bushbells’ and so we were thrilled to make our donation to Turtle Watch when Sophie was at work there.

Sophie said of her experience,

“Watch/Local Ocean Trust” has been an amazingly rewarding and educational experience. As a volunteer there for four weeks, I was able to participate in many of Local Ocean Trust’s activities, a main one being the by catch release programme, in which Turtle Watch pick up turtles accidentally caught in fishermen’s nets – nine out of ten are released immediately with no problems but any showing injuries or signs of illness are brought back to the rehabilitation centre to receive treatment. The two major threats facing endangered sea turtles are pollution and poaching, and Turtle Watch works with schools like Bushbells and BlueBells to raise awareness and educate people on the importance of conservation. Donations, large or small, are invaluable to keep Turtle Watch going, and for more information about the Trust find them on Facebook or on their website:

Sophie pictured here receiving the donation, and at work!


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