The Crab Shack’s new Intern

For those of you who’ve been following our progress for a while,  will know that Katana is Sammy’s son, and he is almost nearing the end of his time as an undergraduate at an international university in Nairobi, where he’s been studying accountancy for the last four years.

As part of his course work, he’s required to secure a three month internship. So Katana was absolutely delighted that the Crab Shack in Debaso signed him up.  It means he is based at his home in Watamu,  which he loves as he’s so family oriented.

He started at the beginning of June, and loves it.  He sends me updates regularly, and was particularly pleased when a whole lot of accounts that he had to check were wholly approved by the CFO.    

The Crab Shack, rather like ‘Bushbells’, is a community based organisation.   It’s not far from Debaso that stands at the edg eof the mangrove forest over Mida Creek. 

The Boardwalk and Crab Shack were built by Dabaso Creek Conservation Group to promote eco activities, protect the mangrove forests and provide education for the Mida Creek fishing communities. Access to the restaurant is via a 200 metre boardwalk, which gives guests a unique opportunity to absorb the beauty and magical atmosphere of the mangrove forest and channels leading to the creek. 

The menu is all locally sourced, and includes fresh fish, prawns and crab samosas (their signature dish!)

The crabs are sustainably farmed as part of another DCCG eco initiative and the fish are caught by local Creek fishermen. Eating out here really does support the local community and all profits go towards DCCG conservation and educational activities.  If you’re around in the next 6 weeks – do make sure to ask for Katana. 

As he said to me – my office with a view!


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