The House that YOU Built – One Year On

It’s almost a year since we lost our Master Tailor Sammy – a day that I will never forget.  His memory lives on in everything we do, and all that we try and bring to you started off somehow with Sammy cutting, stitching and trialling the garment. 

Our team of tailors have all done so very well in his absence and the clothes we make are of the same high standards that Sammy required.

In response to his tragic loss, we set up a ‘go fund me page’ and I was staggered at your kind and most generous response.  When in Watamu in earlier this year I obviously visited Sammy’s grave.  He is buried on his family’s property.

His simple house had a whole pile of bricks beside it and Katana (Sammy’s son) told me that bit by bit his father had been buying bricks when funds permitted, so that in time he could rebuild his house as it was basically old and crumbling.

I was thrilled to be able to tell Katana that with this funding; we’d be delighted to undertake this project for him and his two sisters.  The former house still stands, and month by month a new one has been going up.  It’ll have three much larger rooms and an open area too, as well as a covered veranda, and an area with a flat roof which could double up as more covered room space.  It’s simple in its design to allow maximum air flow and good ventilation.  And we’re in the process of getting quotes for solar panels which would enable the family to have some form of electricity. 

It’s spacious, solid and will carry Katana and his two sisters forward in a secure home for the next generation.  It’s a wonderful legacy to leave them, and on behalf of the three of them, I save a massive THANK YOU again to you all for such generous support.  It just shows the power of community, and you are all part of that Bushbells community so thank you thank you. 


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