Volunteering Virtuosos

We're so lucky with the volunteers we have at Bluebells school, and early this year was no exception. They had to cope with unprecedented heat (it really was HOT) - and many were not used to this. In addition we had various rumbles and bumbles due to sickness, suspected malaria, low grade viruses, which didn't help some.  But the stars battled through and left their legacies.

  • Izzy was determined to finish painting that BLUE wall (despite not feeling 100% well for some of the time).  She and I do not understand the mission or the vision statements - but not for us to question!
  • Otti set up a separate little drama club which she then presented to the whole school and left the laminated scripts behind - so they can be used again 
  • Evie spotted so many gaps and got on and sorted, organised and helped in so many ways. She had a 'first' with a 'face time assembly' with her old school, which resulted in wonderful purchases of all sorts of equipment needed from cooking souffaleas (sp?), and wooden spoons, to books and stationery;
  • Chip packed a real punch in her shortened time there - and through contacts has generously raised enough money for two more girls' loos to be built.

Their respective contributions have been incalculable and THANK YOU  is not really a big enough word.  Know they are SO valued and appreciated and we hope they'll visit the school again - they'd be so welcome.

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