Bluebells School


A sister school, BLUEBELLS, was started in 2015, by  Mwana.  We'd completed our first school (and namesake Bushbells) in 2014, and felt our mission was still incomplete.  

In 2015, Mwana, with her siblings support, started to dream she could build a school on her grandfather's land.  She had 45 children and 5 members in staff, scrub land and no buildings!  She cobbled together 'make shift classrooms'  out of chipboard and reclaimed mbati roofing - and it worked.  This place had real 'soul and love'.   

We saved liked mad and were able to start building the first three classrooms in 2016,  and today - thanks to your purchasing power and the VERY GENEROUS SUPPORT OF SO MANY (you know who are) , we've been able to build:

8 classrooms 

A 'lock' up computer room and staff-room

Store Room  

1 Office

A kitchen / eating area

Play area for the younger children, and a small sand-pit

An outside 'learning' environment (multi-use)

A well/bore hole with solar water pump

New loos

A grass football pitch/playing field

Land clearance for growing of veg and fruit.

.  Currently at the beginning of 2024, Mwana has 160, 12 staff and 3 auxiliary members of staff.   

We continue to pledge: 

  •  Purchasing curriculum books and stationery.
  • Providing desks, tables and basic school furniture.
  • Buying all kitchenware and food for the daily ‘breakfast’ club for each child at Bluebells School.
  • Paying the fees for 25 chidlren to attend the school.

      Goals for 2024 


      • Put in electrical power for security lights
      • Complete the school wall for added security
      • Repair concrete floors
      • Develop a more comprehensive library
      • Complete the drain pipes and purchase another water tank to catch rain fall  so improve water catchment
      • Plant another 20 indigenous trees
      • Try and increase the veg and fruit production to generate more funds for the school

        If you’d like to donate in any way, or would like more information, please contact us at

        Photos below - show how we started.  See our instagram pages or blogs to see updated photos of the school as it stands today (@bushbells). 


        Bushbells – A Purchase With A Purpose!

        You really do make a difference!

        Thank you from us all at Team Bushbells xxxxx