Bushbells in 2016


Team Bushbells Today in 2016


Introducing a new sister school: BLUEBELLS

A sister school, BLUEBELLS, was started in 2015, by Harun’s sister, Mwana H. We were delighted to see the real progress she’s made with clearing land and building very basic classrooms when we visited her in February 2016.

With 45 children and 5 members of staff, Mwana H. is providing education for children aged between 4 – 16 years old. After a ‘site’ visit in February 2016, Team Bushbells have been able to help Bluebells School by:

- Purchasing curriculum books and stationery.
- Providing desks, tables and basic school furniture.
- Buying all kitchenware required to deliver the daily ‘breakfast’ club for each child at Bluebells School.

    Thanks to your support, purchasing power and profits made we have pledged in 2016 to:  

    - Continue to educate 8 children at Bluebells School.
    - Pay for the ‘breakfast club’ for the 2016 academic year at Bluebells School.
    - Continue to pay fees for Jukka S, now in his third year at Pawani University.
    - Continue to pay secondary school fees for Katana and Mahenzo (our chief tailor Sammy’s two children).

      In addition, we have bought solar lights for the staff at Bluebells School and our team of magnificent tailors.

      Goals for 2016 

      Not ones to rest on our laurels, we’d like to try and raise funds to complete six classrooms and two administration rooms with more permanent, secure foundations at Bluebells School.  If you’d like to donate to this fund in any way, or would like more information, please contact us at info@bushbells.com.

      (Approximate cost of a classroom is £1,500.00).


      Bushbells – A Purchase With A Purpose!

      You really do make a difference!

      Thank you from us all at Team Bushbells xxxxx