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Our community is our story, but we believe that we can give back to both our people and the planet. So we are excited to introduce to you the next phase of our environmental story.

For every Bushbells' purchase, we are pledging to plant trees and grow trays of seedlings for the children and families in our community. Through our partnership with Greenworld Campaign, a percentage of your purchase funds our latest environmental initiative.

Greenworld Campaign is a reforestation initiative that is based along the Kenyan coast. Greenworld was established in 2010, and since then have planted over 3 million trees worldwide. Their holistic approach means partnering with local communities - investing in their development to ensure environmental progress. For Greenworld, working with local communities means starting in schools, as they strongly feel that they are at the heart of communities, drawing in parents and other local key stakeholders. This approach is exactly what we stand for.

With your support and their guidance, we are ready to kickstart our new environmental programme. We will establish a food nursery and a small tree planting programme at the heart of Bluebells School, to expand our already established shamba (vegetable garden). The new 'Climate Club' will take ownership of this project and help nurture the seedlings and develop a fully functioning and productive vegetable garden. Children and their families will attend workshops and receive seedlings to take home. In addition, they will have the training on how to plant, maintain and harvest these seedlings, with encouragement to adopt these practices at home and in their communities.

So feel good about your purchase knowing that you're helping to keep our planet green. Thank you for this positive impact. Bushbells: a purchase with a purpose!