Sizing Guide Dog Collars

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Beaded Dog Collars - Sizing chart

We suggest you measure your dog's neck size and a recommended 'good fit' is to have two fingers underneath - to ensure comfort and nothing too tight. Do give us a ring if we can be of any further assistance.

Size To fit neck Collar width Collar length Breed Guide*
X Small 9.5-13" (24-33 cm) 0.75" (2cm) 14.5" (37cm) Chihuahua, Daschund
Small 12-15.5" (30-39cm) 1" (2.5cm) 18" (45cm) Jack Russell, King Charles, Pug
Medium 14-17" (35-44cm) 1.2" (3cm) 19.5" (49cm) Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Cairn, Labrador
Large 16-19.5" (41-49.5cm) 1.2" (3cm) 21.5" (55cm) Collie, Doberman, Ridgeback, Golden Retreiver
X Large 18-21.5” (46-55cm) 1.2” (3cm) 23.5” (59.5cm) German Shepherd, Great Dane

Guide only – please do measure your dog’s neck!