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Our Teaching Team

Mwana, Principal of Bluebells

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Rose, Headteacher, 25

A single mother to a two-year old boy, Rose was the second teacher employed by Mwana and is the nominal Headteacher of Bluebells. She is loyal and hardworking, truly loves her job and always looks immaculate.

Khadija, 33

Our longest serving teacher ‘this school is good as the teachers are very hard working and care about the children’.

Betty, 31

‘Bluebells is unique as it provides a better education than other schools and Mwana very kind to teachers and pupils alike’.

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Kalume, 32

‘I want to produce better citizens that will help our country.’

Samuel, 25

‘Bluebells has a great environment for learning both in the classroom and on the sports field. Bringing up the children felt like a calling to me.’

Salama, 26

‘This school is special as the facilities are far better than other schools as there are more water points here and the food for the children is much better. I want to inspire my teachers to dream big and to become better people than before.’