Kikoy Keyrings

Kikoy Keyrings

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We are very proud of our ethical status. We employ only four tailors and our products are not mass produced. Quality, and excellent workmanship. If you can't find what you're looking for, please drop us a line as we can make to order.

We’re about slow fashion and zero waste. Bushbells: a purchase with a purpose!

Please FIRST select the colour/s you like before selecting the size you want.

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What’s there not to like? They are all 100% upcycled – made out of all our off-cuts from our kikoy fabrics - which are twisted and knotted by hand.  Enoch, our bead worker (he's been dying to get a mention!) then finishes them off with leather binding and colourful beading.  

They’re bright, zingy, zany and little off the wall. Totally original. You saw it here first! You’ll never loose your keys again! Unique and kikoy-happy-colour-and-sunshine-infused journeys!

Using all our off-cuts, they reduce unwanted fabrics to land-fill, and are part of sustainable range.  

Approximately 15 – 18 cms.

“A key ring with a KIK! I love carrying a little bit of Kenya around with me! This isn't just an accessory - it's a statement!!"

Wendy DLF, Zimbabwe


July 2021 - we're kickstarting our 'Climate Club' at the school.  With workshops for the children and their families, we're aiming to give every child at school their own tray of established seedlings.  For every key ring purchased from you, we'll make sure this happens.  Write Keys4Seeds at checkout.  Thank you X