Latest build now complete

Latest BUILD now complete!

I am only too aware that my monthly blogs and updates of the school are all beginning to sound very similar! Not surprising though, as the children are not going back until January 2021, so no activity school-side. That means a whole year without school for the children - which is so very sad.

The only good-news is that any building requirements can be put up in double quick time.  A new dining / eating area is now complete. I think it’s a beautiful space and cleverly designed, so that the children can sit around the edges, as well as in the middle of the floor. I love the ‘mkuti’ roof - think palm leaved thatching - and all these sustainable materials were sourced from the school - including the wood and the mkuti itself. It will give an added area of shade and is near enough to the games pitch to watch from under cover, as well as provide sheltered learning rain or shine.

We now just can’t wait to get the children back. In the meantime Mwana, our principal, has bought workbooks for the entire school, and has been distributing them one by one (pictured below - but not a good photo. We need to get her a decent phone with a decent camera! If any of you have any old mobiles that you don’t want - give us a call!)

Happy August and whether it’s a staycation or further afield - keep well, and keep safe.

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