Beaded Leather Belts

Beaded Leather Belts

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We are very proud of our ethical status. We employ only four tailors and our products are not mass produced. Quality, and excellent workmanship.

Because we are a small operation, we can run out of stock fast. To view our available stock, please FIRST select the colour you like, after which, you will be able to see all the available sizes in that colour, in the drop down menu.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please drop us a line as we can make to order.

We’re about slow fashion, zero waste and giving back to our Watamu community.

Bushbells: a purchase with a purpose!

We offer free shipping within the UK for orders over £120.00. Our international shipping costs are fixed and no mark-up is added.

Welcome to our Belt-shop-window!

In a quest to reduce waste - we're not carrying huge stocks of belts, but would rather you order EXACTLY what you want, in the colours you want and in the size you want. 

So, displayed here are various ideas and belts we've made in the past.  Get creative and design your own.  And with a turnaround of approximately two weeks, we think they're worth the wait for the amazing price we offer. 

Our leathework is highly skilled - crafted by Enoch and his team.  Sadly we lost Enoch who died suddenly in October '23,  (we've known him for over 25 years, and rebuilt his little duka (shop) 5 years ago from Bushbells' profits) - but his team still keeps on....

Each beaded belt is hand sewn and then backed by soft cow hide. Exceptional quality at exceptional prices!

The different colours in the Masai beading are not only selected for their beauty, but also their meaning.  Yellow reflects generosity and hospitality; red shows unity and bravery; blue shows energy; green - health and land prosperity and white represents peace and purity.  What will your belt selection say about you?!


  • Belts available in whatever size you request....
  • Our belts are all about quality and reflect the heritage from where they’re made.
  • All belts are 1 ¼” /3.25 cms wide
  • Circular belts are 1.5’ wide unless ordered narrower
  • Top class leather and buckles are used,  that are hand cast brass.
  • Measurement taken from the base of the buckle to the middle hole, giving room for expansion!
  • We are happy to discuss your special order.  Get in touch today.


“So many compliments on my belt – even on the tube the other day! Love it!”  - Lewis C, London

“Just this minute received the exquisite belt for my father - thank you sooooooo much! I’m absolutely thrilled to bits with it and I can’t wait to present it to him at Christmas. I LOVE it!”  - Antonia M