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A seasonal wrap

A BIG thank you, from us to you, and Merry Christmas!

Despite this last crazy, Covid-filled year, and thanks to you, our wonderful customers, Bushbells has continued to support and employ our four magnificent tailors: Sammy, Ruth, Rahema and Lilian. We've also been able to contribute towards 8 staff salaries at Bluebells school. With no children to teach at the school since March, due to Covid and curfews, there have been no school fees. It's been tough for so many.

However, we still have many reasons to be grateful. And here are some of the highlights of the 'Bushbells' year.
January - The school was flourishing. Situation normal - and the children had 3 school outings, participated in a beach clean up, and a real highlight in their calendar is their inter-house sports day. Narrowly won by 'Simba House!'  

February - We started on our newest build - a double sized classroom, complete with lock up doors and windows.  
March -  Classroom was completed but then came 'LOCKDOWN', Covid and curfews.

April - July - Empty chairs and empty tables. Mwana our principal, still tended the school 'shamba' (think large allotment) and she kept in touch with the most vulnerable children who'd drift in to school, to feel safe under her watch.
August - Our second new build was completed. A brand new 'dining room'  area, near the kitchen. It's a bright, light and airy space with a beautiful 'makuti' roof (palm thatch), and timber sourced from the school plot. Covid compliant, this was funded by the sale of all our 'face coverings'  - so thank you ALL who purchased from us!

September - We planted 40 indigenous trees - sourced from the local Ocean Trust, one of our 'partners in crime'. Our volunteers often stay there when working at the school, and we've got four volunteers lined up for January and February 2021.
October - Our 'K4K' campaign was very successful. Enoch, our beadworker, couldn't work fast enough to produce our colourful tasseled keyrings. Thanks again to your purchasing power, we've bought and distributed 40 feminine hygiene kits and more to come in the pipe line.

November - Our Year 4's were 'allowed' back to school. Only 12 children, but they've LOVED being back. Plenty of hand washing stations are now dotted around the classroom block. Katana (Sammy, our tailor's son) has been volunteering at the school too.  He's an undergraduate at university in Nairobi, 
and can't wait to get back to his studies there.  
Pictured above is Enoch, our bead worker and his two children with Christmas clothes recently donated.
December - This month will end on a 'high'. Two volunteers from Dubai are working at the school before Christmas and they're going to get creative with arts and crafts. A real 'swahili' feast is planned for the teachers, tailors and all the children. (Goat stew, beans, rice, chapattis and mchicha (spinach) YUM!)
Wishing you a healthy and happy Christmas time, despite the restrictions. Keep well and ASANTE SANA again for all your support, encouragement, advice and interest.
Here's to a colourful, vibrant, bubble and rainbow filled, joyous 2021 for us all!
With love,

Jax & Team Bushbells

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