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Autumn hues and Bushbells news


Aren’t you glad that we live in world that has Octobers? As I write, the sky is blue, the balmy sun warms, the leaves are turning into earthy russets, oranges, reds and terracotta’s – filling our souls with more gold than we can count. As Albert Camus said “Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower” 


There has been SO much change since my last newsletter. Long, hot summer days passed in a blur. And then that news...

We’ve all had time to reflect on what our beloved Queen’s reign meant to us. Much has been said and written about her, and for me, it was how she led her life with gracious dedication, and with a smile that lit up any room. One of the most extraordinary images I saw over those weeks of media coverage was this one above. Have a look at the cloud silhouette – and who do you see?

Talking of Smiles - today is International Smile Day. Founded in memory of Harvey Ball – who ‘created’ that first iconic smile on a badge back in ’63 😊 The thinking behind today, is to enhance this world one smile at a time. If you see someone without a smile today - give them one of yours, it’s a gesture of kindness and you could just change someone’s life.

We’ve got 4 volunteers heading out to Bluebells School in the next four weeks to work their magic at the school – think of ‘value added’ and if you’re ‘into’ Instagram – do follow their stories and progress there. Their curriculum has been concertinaed due to a prolonged closure, with recent elections, so the volunteers will be busy helping the students 'catch up'. 

Bluebells remains a safe place for the children to learn and thrive – which is so important in this topsy turvy world. As consumers, you have the power to make change, and thanks to your ongoing support, we continue to be able to make a big difference to their lives. Let's buy less and buy better: give less and give better. 

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