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Autumn Spirit: a time to ponder


It’s been a couple of months since my last Bulletin.  Jambo to anyone who’s new! 


After the storm that was August, and our deep loss of Sammy, the team in Watamu has rallied and is working harder than ever to ‘make Sammy proud’. All three girls and Joseph are busy stitching away and there are some gorgeous new colours coming in. They do run a very efficient ‘ship’ – all part of Sammy’s legacy.


UK side, there’s a little more time to note and notice the calm and gentle pause of autumn: whether it’s nature doing its astonishing thing or the comforting feel of a favourite jumper, or a pair of our Bushbells pull-ons. Someone wrote to me this week and said they should be called ‘keep-ons’, as she hasn’t taken them off, and she lives up in Scotland!


Watamu Tree House kindly donated a cow to the school. The cow’s milk is to be shared between the school and Tree House communities. One of our previous volunteers at the school ran a marathon in October to raise funds for a Grade 6 classroom, and we hope to start this build over the Christmas break. Do get in touch if you’d like to volunteer at the school. 



Being small is beautiful, it means we produce less waste. We have short colour-runs and make our key-rings, shoulder bags and aprons from our off-cuts. They all make great stocking fillers. And the other advantage we have is that we can ‘make to measure’ for you – if you don’t mind a little wait. 


Keep well and thank you for your ongoing and most valued support. 


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