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Big dreams - 2022 wrapped up

2022 has been a year of smiles, my parent’s platinum anniversary and joyous tears,

To the loss of our great Queen and I am sure many inward fears

Of rising costs, and threats that they say will engulf us all,

So to avoid such calamity, let’s reframe and cherish success to enthrall

And give us moments to fill our hearts with joy and gladness

And bring forth tales of laughter, colour, rainbows and occasional Bushbells’ madness;

You’re all part of this Bushbells story by the love and support  you  have  shown

So here’s to all of you  - we say Thank YOU – and let’s reflect on how we’ve grown…..

In the Spirit of Christmas Giving here are The Twelve Days (with a difference)

Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your munificence....

  • 🎒 12  x 12 children attending the school (plus 6…! You do the maths!)
  • 🧑‍🏫11 full time teachers (and 4 auxiliary staff)
  • 🖥️ 10 magnificent new computers donated by The Banda School, Nairobi
  • 🪟 9 new windows fitted for security and decorated with upcycled green bottles
  • 🐍 8 School visits – including the snake farm, Local Ocean Trust and Beach Days
  • ⚽ 7 + 6 wonderful volunteers throughout the year, who add so much joy and value
  • 🪡 5 – FIVE FABULOUS TAILORS - Ruth, Lilian, Rahema, Joseph and Sammy’s daughter Mahenzo
  • 🌴4 (x10) new trees and plants - planted around the school compound 3 new buildings (a classroom, a day room  and an office)
  • 🌞 2 SOLAR PANELS and 2 cows (you work out the order of importance!)
  • 🏫 1 joyous Bushbells/Bluebells community and school – that you helped us create!



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