Breakfast Club


I love visiting the school and seeing the progress being made there. It’s always a privilege to take any visitors or friends down to the school, and inevitably they are impressed by what they see. These children, who have so little, do so well with very scant resources, and  due to very loyal teachers, they are getting a very thorough basic education.

I love ‘break time’. The children go mad for their play time - football being a favorite with the boys, and the girls love skipping. But not before they’ve had their mug of ‘posho’ (a little like our porridge) at the kitchen. They are very orderly in their lining up and take their mug of posho and sit quietly eating it before play. This gives them vital nourishment and also helps secure attendance levels at the school.  We’ve pledged our support once again for the Breakfast club for 2017 and it’s just great knowing that children and staff alike have ‘breakfast’ and something at lunch too. Happy children with food in their tummies!


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