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Capacious Classrooms, Chickens and Goats

Happy May Day everyone and for me, this beautiful picture of bluebells sums up where we are at this time of year!  It really is a magical time, especially after the cold April we've just had.

Meantime, school-side, Watamu-side, things are never idle.  Despite it being holiday time for the children, Mwana our principal, has been over-seeing the 're-configuration' of two classrooms.  To provide more space, without a complete re-build, we've funded a team of 'fundis' (builders/fixers) to remove the interior walls between two classrooms, absorbing the office and staff room - to make longer and bigger classrooms.  The office and staff room will be merged into one, in another part of the school.  In addition, a shaded 'passageway' has been added which will look very smart and mirror the building on the other side of the square.

Using odd bricks and extra bits of wood, she's also asked the construction team to build a chicken coop and is keeping chicken and goats at the school.  They will provide eggs, milk and additional manure for the 'shamba' / veg garden.  She's very resourceful and the photos reflect this.  

Our tailors too, have had a month's break, and have used this time to visit families, and harvest their crops - but I know more rain is needed.

Kenya still remains on the 'red' list (and vice verse if you want to travel there), but the good news is, as of today, travel for Kenyans from county to county is now possible - so easing of restrictions in some places. 

The next school terms starts on the 10th May - and fingers crossed all the building works will be complete by then.

Have a glorious May one and all! 

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