Come What May!

Have you ever thought about the custom and eccentricity of dancing around the Maypole?  It's a quirky tradition and the colourful ribbons fluttering and 'woven' around the maypole  by the dancers, are symbolic of working together to produce a good seasonal harvest.  

There are plenty of symbolic meanings - from the 'virility' of the maypole itself and the feminine flowers adoring the top portraying fertility.  The red and white ribbons are said to represent the 'earthly' and the 'divine' and other maypole colours represent the seasons to 'bear' fruit. 

At Bushbells, we've always loved colour and would like to suggest for any of your May Bank holiday moments to consider: 

  • green for growth and new leaf
  • gold for the sun and lengthening days
  • purple for vines and grapes (and wine too!)
  • yellow for light
  • blues and reds for flowers
  • pink and purple to symbolise power and feminine sweetness....

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