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Empty Chairs and Empty Tables

💙 Jambo to all our lovely customers 💙

What strange and scary times. It’s hard to know what to say. We’re all thinking about our families and friends, especially the old and vulnerable. Our thoughts in particular, go to our amazing NHS workers and key volunteers who are doing all they can to keep this country going. Thank you if you are reading this. 

Further abroad, I’m very concerned for our small Bushbells team in Kenya: our four tailors and their families, our school, teachers and that little community and not forgetting Enoch our bead and leather worker, and his family. 

We're in touch with our Kenyan team the whole time. The school is shut - no teachers or children, empty chairs and tables. There's also a curfew between 7pm - 8am, and Sammy our tailor has said it's eerily quiet. They are genuinely frightened as food staples are in short supply. 

And it's never been so important for us to support one another. Being a small business, please know how grateful we are to you, our loyal and amazing customers who continue to support us - thank you. More than ever, Team Bushbells (Kenya) need our continued support and importantly need to know that we care.

Please do send us any fun pictures you may have of you wearing your Bushbells clothing - we love seeing what you get up to and most importantly, our team in Kenya love seeing these images as well. Don't forget to tag us @bushbells or use the hashtag #BeBushbells. This way our team feel connected to the world at large and it doesn't cost you a penny, just a bit of your time and creativity! 

Despite the disruption and upheavals, we remain positive. Our clothes for the forthcoming spring and summer have been made, and photographs taken, so it's business as usual online. There will be some delays in deliveries so we thank you for your patience. 

We're at the end of the phone so give us a ring if you have any queries.

Look after yourselves and others.

With love,


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