Family Volunteer at the School

Bluebells were honoured and thrilled that a family with three children elected to spend a week of their precious holiday in Kenya, at the school. The timing was perfect, as it was just before the school broke up for their 4 week's holiday in August.

Pilar, their mother writes:

Whilst on holiday in Watamu, my children (Laura 11, Pablo 9 and Catalina 5) and I, spent a week at Bluebells Academy, in Gede, at the end of July. Every day was different, as we shared their class activities, organised school trips and got to know the pupils and staff.

Our youngest participated in class just like any other 5 year old at the school, and she even took her Kenyan state assessments (and didn’t do too badly!). She loved playing with her new friends and delighted everyone with her “flossing” dance! 

Catalina and Pablo in Salima’s class, reading a story.
Laura (11) with Salima and Rose - two of the school’s teachers, trying to learn Swahili!


My two eldest spent time assisting the lovely teachers in their various class activities and organised games and sports events. Laura had brought 36 “cat’s cradle” strings from London to teach the other girls one of her favourite games and we spent hours laughing over that - as they had never seen anything like this before.

Pablo quickly bonded with the boys over football, cricket, rugby... but lost every time he raced against the Kenyan kids who lived up to their legendary athletic status. We also visited the local forest and snake farms with the older children, which were the highlights.

Learning cat’s cradle!
Catalina with the school's principal, Mwana.


In short, we were made to feel part of the Bushbells family whilst at Bluebells school, and I particularly enjoyed getting to know their amazing headmistress Mwana even better during the course of the week.

We are SO grateful for the opportunity this provided us, and what we learnt from everyone we spoke to, and with whom we engaged. For my children it was a life changing week and we all left wanting to return soon! We encourage anyone else who has the opportunity to visit this gorgeous little school that has such a big heart. Thank you to all at Bluebells Academy and Team Bushbells for making this all happen."



Our thanks to Pilar for this account and her and her family's generosity of spirit and the time they gave to everyone at the school. I know they will all be missed, and never forgotten! Thank YOU Pilar, Laura, Pablo and Catlina.

Do get in touch with us if you would like to volunteer at the school too.

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