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Fragility of Life!

It’s easy to get swept along as the days hurtle towards all things Christmas.  Less day-light, more sparkle, parties, gifts to buy and only so many hours! So we thought we’d give you a breather, and encourage you to take two minutes out of your ‘frenetic bubble’ to be updated on various ‘happenings’ school side, Bushbells side – Watamu!

Last month Madame Hadija was ‘off’ work with very increasingly bad abdominal pains.  When we heard about her absence and on further investigation, we realised that she was ‘saving’ up to afford the simple hernia op that was needed.  Problem solved. For the cost of approximately 3x big supermarket shops for you and me, she’s now successfully had the op and is recovering well. It made me realise how fragile is life, out in this little community. It gives reason to why we do what we do. Madame Hadija has been teaching with us for over 10 years now and is wonderfully gifted. We wish her a speedy recovery.


Also last month, Rahema (one of our tailors) lost her father Johnson – who again I’ve been lucky enough to have known since I was a young girl of nine. He was one of the best ‘peshis’ (cook) I knew and had endless patience. Our whole team of tailors were there to support her and took time off to be with her. It’s why they are all such a special team. Working together. Supporting together. Sewing together. 

Hadija and Children’s graduation

Hadija and Children’s graduation

Khatana (our student now at university in Nairobi) is loving his second year and Bluebells school has just had ‘graduation’ for the tiny ‘totos’ (children) – recognising their attainment as they progress from kindergarten to primary level.  Sammy, our master tailor, was the guest of honour and gave out all the certificates. He said it was a wonderful day – full of joyful singing and plenty of smiles and tinsel to add appropriate glitter to the occasion!

The tailors too, have been working around the clock. New shirts are just in, here for Christmas as well as our popular ‘softie’ pull-ons for the ladies, and new ‘shorts’ called ‘silkies’. These are all made from the same finest silkiest lightest cotton and scrunch up into ‘nothing’. The perfect stocking filler?

Hope to see you out and about at the various fairs we’re at, and wishing you a happy autumnal season.  

And don’t forget to B-R-E-A-T-H-E !

Love Team Bushbells xx

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