Ten Green Bottles

With the school now  closed until the 23rd January – it’s a good time to build and repair.   

The wish list this year included putting in proper windows to make the classrooms secure.  Up until now they've just been an open space - and anyone could potentially jump in a make light pickings.  Nine ‘outer’ windows have been made secure and we’ve up-cycled green bottles to add some unique decoration too.

A corridor with necessary roofing, concrete pillars and drainpipes has also been built, and a new classroom is under construction for the youngest pupils to have a place to rest and play - leaving older children space to concentrate on learning. 

Thanks the amazing support of one kind sponsor, we are also putting in a fabulous playground – with bright coloured tyres and climbing frames which will be  a huge addition to the children’s play area.

My thanks, as ever, to SO many people who make this happen. Sincerest thanks to: Sonya of Holding Hands Africa  and her kind sponsors; Lucy Macnamara, CEO and founder of Aspiga, and her friend Mans and Woldingham School who have funded all of this through their  annual Dineen Lecture,  where Lucy was the keynote speaker.  Read more here.

My wish is that they can all come and see for themselves in person, the wonderful additions they have made possible for this blossoming little school.  Christmas JOY – for sure!

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