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Marvellous Beneficial Enterprise !!!

The clue is in the title..... Have you guessed yet?

Last weekend, I was  THRILLED, honoured and very humbled to be awarded an MBE in the King's Birthday honours.  The citation reads 'For Education in Kenya', and I just wanted to share this with you all - because for sure it's a team effort.

These things don't just happen in isolation. The work of so many over the last 15 years - including YOU, our lovely customers - has now culminated in this recognition, which as I say, is just such an honour. 

SO so many thanks to so many -  but very particular thanks to: 

Gill and Sooz for their abundant generosity in giving our tailors the safe space in which to work all these years - and to Sooz for all her support on the ground. Our gratitude to them is immeasurable.

Our magnificent team of tailors: Ruth, Rahema, Lilian, Mahenzo and Joseph for their loyalty and hard work, and never forgetting darling Sammy - who was the reason WHY we started this all in the first place.

For Team Bluebells - Mwana and all her wonderful staff, and of course the children who are having a real start in life with a good solid education.

Katana - Sammy's eldest - and the first child we ever sponsored - He graduates from an international university in Nairobi at the end of July - he's a stalwart friend.

Jeni and Emma for helping me get this going all those years ago and their never ending support and encouragement every step of the way and to Sonya and her generosity and vision. 

Our wonderful volunteers who've so generously given up their time and energy to 'add value'.  

My darling family - CHSL - with their endless support and humour, happily being  part of the 'Bushbells' journey.

My darling parents and brother Tony.  - “Mama Anna” is beside herself with excitement, and I hope darling Dad will be smiling down from his brighter place.  Tony is always a solid rock of support and encouragement. 

And last, but by no means least  - thank YOU  - for all the support and love and purchasing power you've given us over the years.  It was the kikoy pull-ons that Sammy made all those years ago, which kick-started our very first fund-raising efforts to build that very first classroom.... and two schools later - here we are.  

We're only a very small set up   - but together we've achieved much - and I'd like to think this is what makes us different to bigger, smarter businesses. It's not always easy competing with the big guns, and at times one can feel disheartened, but slowly, slowly step by step - look what we've achieved together.

So THANK YOU again from the bottom of my heart for the support you've given and the part you've played.  As Nelson Mandela said:

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use, to change the world."   

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  • So so so proud of you xxxxx MBE !!!


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