On the beach!

Football on the beach
Football on the beach.
Collecting beach plastics & waste
Collecting beach plastics and waste

Fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun, sun....
Fortunately for the the senior children of Bluebells, it wasn't too sunny for their day down at the beach, as the heat is strong at this time of year. Great excitement to the build up of this day as the 'matatus' arrived at the school to collect the children, together with teachers Mdme Rose and Mdme Salama, and our two volunteers Will and Ollie.  
The day started off with warm up exercises and running races, and competition is fierce! Learning to accept defeat with grace was a valuable lesson for some! Short cricket then ensued (wonderful equipment donated by the Rob Stephenson Trust) before taking the children off on a educational walk around the coral heads.

Go the reds
Football match - Go the reds!
Walking around the rocky headland
Walking around rocky headland

Seaweed, anchors, plastics in the ocean, sea urchins, tiny fish in rock pools, climbing crabs clinging onto rocky crags - all new words for their lexicon and you could see they were so absorbed and loved this interactive learning. For some, it was their first time around a rocky headland at low tide.
Back for biscuits and juice before a rigorous game of football (Ollie captained the red team, Will the yellows). I think I recall it was an honourable draw! Hot and exhilarated they threw themselves into the sea with happy abandon and great squeals of delight that all children have just splashing around.

On your marks...
On your marks, get set...

Simple fun and learning in the great outdoors - nothing beats it - and nothing beats that beach!
Back at school they enjoyed painting what they saw that day. To be repeated for sure. It was a really happy 'sunshiney' day ....on the beach! 

Paintings from a day on the beach

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