Reflections of my Month of Volunteering by Josh Timms

I can't believe my month of volunteering has come to an end. It's been so busy and 'full on' but totally joyous and looking back we've achieved much.

On arrival I was fully immersed in 'Ocean's Day' and 'World Environment Day' and such events are always a great opportunity to take the kids down beach side and get stuck in collecting the wasted plastic washed up on the seashore. It sadly never seems to diminish, and brings home just how much rubbish there is out there and we seriously need to ask ourselves the question of 'what are we going to change about our habits, to stop this horrific use of single use plastic?'. Well done Kenya for banning plastic bags. This impact has already been huge and the general environs of streets look cleaner and tidier as a result.


Beach clean up.
Many hands make light work!


Katana was also volunteering, so together we made great strides in repairing the art room, which involved more chip board to be repainted as well as organising some of the 'makuti' roof to be replaced.

Me painting the repaired art room!


Artwork for the newly repaired art room. 


A big job was the clearing of land after the rains and water melon harvest. Lots of hard physical work to get rid of superficial weeds and prepare the ground for more tomatoes and passion fruit, as well as aubergines and peppers to be harvested. Very rewarding to see some of the older children, such as Baraka also getting stuck in, and learning valuable life skills, for when they may own their own shambas.

Clearing the ground
Toya with new tomatoes being grown.


Tractor turning the cleared soil for more veg planting.


I was joined by Jessie and Alice for one week which was fab. They had great artistic ideas and got the younger children colouring away. An ideal distraction as the older children throughout the school were sitting exams. Jessie and Alice were so artistic and their input and help and company invaluable (thanks guys!)

Myself, Alica, Mwana (the school principal) and Jess. Happy volunteers!


I managed to get through my last week, despite a bad bout of sickness over my last weekend - which was a shame, and was overwhelmed by the love and heartfelt singing at the end to wish me well and send me on my way. I love this little school. It has real soul and passion and heart and I'll be back for sure. Just so good to see the improvements and consolidation that happens year on year, and it's the most rewarding thing I do. I any of you out there want to volunteer - I HIGHLY recommend it - so get in touch and I can fill you in with all the hows and why's and logistics concerned. It's easy and so very enriching.



Thank you Bluebells School and thank you Team Bushbells for all the amazing work you do to ensure continuous funding that supports this school, the 4 tailors, Enoch and the wider community. Na ta rudi (I'll be back)! Josh xx


  • Hi Josh
    Inspiring to read your blog and great to see the school flourishing. We start our Christmas Fair season in September and hope to raise more funds for projects selling the wonderful Bushbells lifestyle range. Hope to meet you one of these days – Vicki Team Bushbells

  • As Josh’s Mum, I am so very proud of his commitment to this very special school. As a family we went to Kenya last year and had the delight of going to Bushbells, meeting all the wonderful children and incredibly hard working and dedicated teachers and school principal, Mowanah. Whilst there we helped to set up composting and also had the fun of playing with kids.
    There is without doubt something very special about Bushbells and all who are involved.

    pen thompson

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