Spring Cake Sale from St Ronan’s School, Hawkhurst, Kent


St Ronan’s School have an inspirational teacher, Mrs BC, who really gave a different slant on Geography. She writes,

"As part of their Geography topic on the UK this term, the Year 2s learnt about life in Hawkhurst compared to the contrasting town of Watamu, Kenya. As well as exploring Kenyan artefacts and trying lots of delicious Kenyan fruits, the children also learnt about Bushbells school, based on the Kenyan coast.

Following on from this geogrpahy topic, Year Two decided that they wanted to raise some money to help the school and set upon the idea of a cake sale.

Early in February on a Tuesday afternoon, the children from the Pre-Prep surged into the Otters’ classroom where they were met by an impressive and scrumptious array of biscuits and cakes. From that small cake sale £150 was raised. Bushbells are delighted and plan to use the money for some trips out of the classroom where the children will learn about marine conservation in Watamu.

The Year 2s felt rightly proud of the successful cake sale and were rewarded for their kindness with stickers recognising their empathy towards others."

Thank you St Ronan’s Year Two for such kind support, from the Bushbells’ team! St Ronan’s have also generously donated old exercise books and pencils that they no longer used or wanted, and these were delivered in February to Bushbells School in Watamu. Again, thank you for such support – it is very much appreciated.

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