To be masked or not, that is the question?


It’s been an extraordinary last few months, which have brought about immense challenges and change for us all - nationally and globally. It’s difficult to believe that the summer solstice has already passed us by.

Emerging out of lock-down and bursting ‘that’ bubble feels strange at first – with all sorts of new behavioural questions. Do we mask up? Keep your distance. No hugs, just an elbow tap. A strange new 'norm'. 

This last month at Bushbells ‘HQ’ we've been busy as usual, sending out our parcels of colourful sunshine and joy.  And we love those of you who do get in touch and give us feedback. I love that personal contact, one of the real benefits of being a small set up.  Our masks continue to be very popular, as have all our shirts and tops.

For those of you who are still weary about going shopping and are not quite ready yet for full 'immersion', there are plenty of 'virtual shopping fairs' that are easily accessible from the safety of your own home.

We're proud to be part of Brilliant Little Brands  - and all of us give 10% of whatever you purchase from us,  to the charity fair you've chosen to support. A great initiative and you can sign up for vouchers too. Have a look!

The schools in Kenya are not back until September, but despite no children, Team Bushbells mustered a small gang together, to participate in the World Ocean Day Beach Clean up in June. Collectively, and working with Eco-World Watamu, they've helped collect over 11 tonnes of marine litter. 

Ever mindful of the battle against plastic – this month is Plastic Free July’   - a global movement to raise awareness of plastic pollution, giving lots of ideas of how we can all be part of that solution:  If we all tasked ourselves to make just 3 small changes this month, collectively we’d have a huge impact.

Some ideas we've had on the go for a while:

* Switch to recyclable packaging. Our packaging uses recycled tissue and bags made from sugar cane.

* Bin the plastic tooth brushes, cotton buds and razors

* No more plastic-water bottles. We love our ocean-bottles . For every bottle you buy from them, they collect 1000 ocean-bound plastic bottles.

 School side, Mwana our principal, continues to nurture her vegetables on the school 'shamba' - (think allotment). The maize is looking very productive and she’s also growing okra, sukamawiki (local spinach), tomatoes, aubergines and peppers. These are sold to generate more money for the school.  Fruit and veg are always sold 'piece-meal' in the markets there, no plastic-bound broccoli for them. I too, always buy veg 'loose.' It's another simple change to make. 

Let us know how you are going to embrace ‘Plastic Free July'?

Hope the summer goes well for you as we all emerge from lock-down.  If there is one thing to carry forward and out of lockdown, it's the small acts of  acts of random kindness that resonate. As my mother once said: 'The best things in life aren't things' 

Have a brilliant July and keep safe. 

With Love, Jax & Team Bushbells 

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