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It was SO good to be reunited with our magnificent tailoring team  - following a long gap due to our loss of my darling father last year. 

 At the centre in these photos is  my darling mother - looking completely gorgeous and circled by real love - as it was her gentle ideas formed 15 years ago, and thanks to darling friends Gill and Susie with their magnificent support, that gave rise to first Sammy and then others - to start making those very first pull-ons that funded that very first classroom!

Two schools later  - the tailoring team are  still going strong.  As you know if you 'follow us' we sadly and tragically lost Sammy (our Master tailor)  two and half years ago, but thanks to his magnificent training - the team continue to thrive.  Our latest addition  is Mahenzo, his daughter - who has grown in stature and confidence and she is a very competent tailor.  She's been with us now for 22 years. She said to me recently, "I LOVE my work, I really LOVE it".

Before we left Watamu this time, - we bought them some fun fabrics (give us a break from kikoys !!) and the challenge was to 'make a dress  or shirt' in a day.

Here there are with their very own creations - cut without patterns and all completely gorgeous. They keep their dresses 'for best' - and wear them on high days and holidays. Which one gets your vote?

And to them I say again, Asante, asante, asante - as without them we are nothing.

(They are currently on a month's well earnt holiday).  

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