Tutu won two, too! 😉

I know someone who, years ago, called her son Bear. “He’ll be adventurous with a name like that,” she said. As it happens, he’s grown up and now runs his own travel company. Fortuitous perhaps – did his name shape his destiny I wonder?
I’m off to the sun to visit my team of tailors, visit the school, work and chat and make plans beachside, Watamu side. Lucky me – as it’s been two years since my last working visit. 
I am sure I’ll have lots to report – but meantime a simple improvement is to plan ahead. To that end, we will no longer will be stocking belts physically in store,  but you can have any design made for you – to your very own colours and specifications. This avoids waste and unwanted stock. No downside – you will just have to wait a couple of weeks to get it. But at that price, it’s no hardship! Let me know whilst I’m out there if there is anything you’d like to order?

Well, I like the sound of Twenty-twenty-two 20-20-2. We all have high hopes for January, but it’s off to a sparkling start with its name. I love the alliteration and say it fast – it’ll make you smile, and it's a palindrome. Today is 22-1-22. Say it out loud, digit by digit… 2 2 1 2 2. Now the subject line makes sense? I have happy feelings about this year, and I hope it brings you all sorts of ‘happies’ too.

Meet Mahenzo - she's the eldest of Sammy's two daughters and she's just completed her tailoring course at college. She's been busy rolling these tassels for our popular keyrings (using all our offcuts) and she's going to be working for us whilst Ruth is still on maternity leave. I'm so proud of her and I know her darling father would be too - keeping it in the BB family.

Our new classroom for Grade 6 has just been finished. We have two gorgeous volunteers working there at the moment (see below!) - and two more coming in February. Get in touch if volunteering appeals to you.

Finally - we've got an amazing video for you to watch here. You’ll see why we do what we do – thanks to your ongoing support. Keep well.

A happy healthy twenty twenty two just for you.

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